that is also love !.. by Erasmo Amato

that is also love !..

that is also love !.. by Erasmo Amato

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Installation: Stone on Wood.
Size: 23.6 H x 31.5 W x 3.1 in
The composition intended as congratulations for young couples who have opted for a life together! The ducks are the symbol of fidelity, the pomegranates pomegranate branch, symbol of fertility, the clear horizon is to wish you a happy life together and running smoothly, etc. Love,mythology and pomegranate ! Mosaic with about 5000 ceramics stones on plywood.
Keywords: Mitologic, that is also love, anche questo è amore, auch das ist liebe, love and mythology, amore e mitologia, Liebe und Mythologie, mythology and pomegranate, love, mosaic