The Basic Plane Expanded, #13 – Monotype Sold by Julie Evanoff

The Basic Plane Expanded, #13 - Monotype Sold

The Basic Plane Expanded, #13 - Monotype Sold by Julie Evanoff

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Printmaking: Screenprinting and Monotype on Paper.
Size: 17 H x 14 W x 0.1 in
This is a monotype screenprint that is part of a series titled "The Basic Plane Expanded", a reference to Kandinsky's basic plane. I think of them as instances of possible configurations that come together using the basic elements of geometry: the point, the line, the shape, and the plane. These pieces were made with pleasured reference to a wide range of art and artists using geometry to explore mysticism, space, formalities of design, and emotion, from the ancients, to the mystics of the Middle Ages, to the Modernists, to the Minimalists. The prints are printed by hand, one layer at a time, with acrylic ink on paper.
Keywords: space, stencil, woodcut, abstract, geometric, minimal, modern