“THE RED CIRCLE” D120 N°01 by Slavomir Zombek


"THE RED CIRCLE" D120 N°01 by Slavomir Zombek

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Collage: Paper on Paper.
Size: 9.8 H x 8.3 W x 0 in
Original - collage, perforation and acrylic on the paper, unframed. Artwork is part of the serie. Impulse for working on this serie`s artworks has been "Red Circle" (Fr./It., 1970) movie`s prologue, and also was, and is my life. ...as I speak about Red circle I think firstly about content and not about form. ...symbol of perfection - geometrical form of circle, I am filling with fragments of my life, of others life too: chaos - order, tension - calmness, woman - man, white - black, word - silence, life - existence, harmony - dissonance, fullness – loneliness, outside - empty, inside - empty... RED CIRCLE (Fr./It., 1970): „The lonely one, called Siddhārtha Gautama, the awaken one, called Budha picked up a piece of red chalk, drew a red circle and said: All the people, even though they do not yet know, will meet one day. Anything may happen to each one and they can walk different roads. But one day, he says, they will all meet inside the red circle.“
Keywords: void, Enso, calm, circle, pure mind, delicate, expressive, the universe, infinity, intricate