The Visitor by Diane Kramer

The Visitor

The Visitor by Diane Kramer

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Sculpture: Bronze and copper base
Size: 41 H x 31 W x 16 in
A solid Bronze sculpture with a copper base. The work was cast using the lost wax process of casting. 8 individual wax forms were dipped into ceramic slurry until a shell was formed. The work was prepared for casting and after the burn out each form had to be cleaned and sandblasted. All the Sprues had to be cut off and also cleaned from the form. The individual forms once cleaned were then welded and once the form was One it was then given its patina to obtain the color you see now. NOTE: This sculpture is currently on exhibit at the Oaken Transformation Sculpture and Poetry Park, Brighton, MI.
Keywords: sculpture, original sculpture, Solid Bronze Sculpture, lost wax casting, contemporary fine art