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Tommy Ingberg

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  Artist: Tommy Ingberg
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Tommy Ingberg Artist Bio:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BIO ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tommy Ingberg is a photographer and visual artist, born 1980 in Sweden. He works with photography and digital image editing, creating minimalistic and self-reflecting surreal photo montages dealing with human nature, feelings and thoughts. Tommy leaves the interpretation of his work up to the viewer but says, "For me, surrealism is about trying to explain something abstract like a feeling or a thought, expressing the subconscious with a picture. For my work I use my own inner life, thoughts and feelings as seeds to my pictures. In that sense the work is very personal, almost like a visual diary. Despite this subjectiveness in the process I hope that the work can engage the viewer in her or his own terms. I want the viewers to produce their own questions and answers when looking at the pictures, my own interpretations are really irrelevant in this context. " During the last couple of years he has received international recognition with his work shown in numerous publications and receiving awards and honorable mentions from many different competitions including International Photography Awards, Prix De La Photographie Paris and Sony World Photography Awards. In 2012 Tommy won the Lumen Prize with his picture “Torn”. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MORE INFORMATION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Find out more about me and my work at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ INTERVIEWS, IN SELECTION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * B&W Magazine: * * Global Panorama:

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