Ulugbek Doschanov

Ulugbek Doschanov

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  Artist: Ulugbek Doschanov
 Live in: Moscow, Moscow, Russia
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Ulugbek Doschanov Artist Bio:

My art is objective art, it comes from spontaneity. It is not prearranged, preprogrammed, pre-thought. As I start to paint I flow with the colours and I often surprised myself on how I have left myself in the hands of existence. My creativity comes from my love for life, love for nature; I want to enhance its beauty, add more colour in it. I use any kind of styles and materials. I don't have any limitations because art is free and cannot be confined. There is a quote form a great master I respect very much that says: Whatsoever you see creates its echo within you, and in some deep sense you become like that which you see.

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