Valentina Bergman

Valentina Bergman

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  Artist: Valentina Bergman
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Valentina Bergman Artist Bio:

VAL BOG ValBog is a self-taught artist, born in Bulgaria. Now a United States citizen, she lives and creates her unique artwork in Las Vegas, Nevada. Val is married to an architect who supports and nurtures her native talent. Together they have traveled throughout the world to major capitals and exotic back waters. Val has surrounded herself with art and color to continue the inspiration that comes from her inner being and produces her fantastic creativity. Val's art is fresh, varied and vibrant. She is inspired by her dreams, her fantasies, the world and the beauty of life around her. Each day and each canvas is a new opportunity. She is passionate and tireless; often working thru the night into the wee hours of the morning. She is always in the moment and at one with her medium and her canvas. Her preferred medium is high quality acrylic paint which she generously applies by brush and pallete knife. Occasionally "found" pieces are added to create interesting and entertaining collages. Val's style and techniques varies as her mood varies. She enjoys the spontaneous exploration of possibilities as they occur. Val's art is presented for you to form your own understanding of the work and each time you view the work a new meaning and a new interpretation emerges. The bond formed by ValBog in the creation of the work is transferred to the new Owner and a new bond manifests! Each piece is coated to protect the colors and materials. The edges are painted. Thus framing is at the buyer's option. Finally, each piece of artwork is signed and dated. A hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity accompanies each original piece. Val's work is in private collections and corporate offices.

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