Van Nuys: City of Angels, City of Logos by Fabio Coruzzi

Van Nuys: City of Angels, City of Logos

Van Nuys: City of Angels, City of Logos by Fabio Coruzzi

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Painting: Acrylic, oil pastels, ink, print and pencil on Paper.
Oil pastels, acrylics, liquid ink pens, pencil, markers on paper original monotype "My artworks are made using printing technique mixed with other media such as oil pastels, acrylics, water colors, liquid ink pens, pencils on paper, canvas, wood, fabrics. During my working process, I never make any difference between artworks regarding size, client, price or timetable. Each single work is made with the same intensity, dedication, effort, commitment, passion and love. Each work is made covering the surface, millimeter by millimeter, with no rush and lots of patience. I touch and retouch the surface many times with my pens and brushes, making sure the artwork has its right composition of colors, shapes and textures. I want that my works make always the difference in terms of quality, price and value for money. I want that my art collectors must be fully satisfied and 100% sure that there is no art deal better than the one they will have by purchasing my art. I will always challenge anyone to offer a better product for a better price than mine. Thanks a lot for your trust and respect" Fabio Coruzzi has exhibited in galleries, museums and art fairs all over the world. He is represented by galleries in USA, UK, Italy Note: FOR ANY COMMISSIONED ARTWORKS ON PAPER OR CANVAS, PLEASE CONTACT SAATCHI ART TEAM TO CONTACT THE ARTIST EMAIL TO : [email protected]
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