ViennaBloom by Brigitte Saugstad


ViennaBloom by Brigitte Saugstad

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Sculpture: Ceramic, Clay and Wood on Ceramic and Wood.
Size: 16.9 H x 13 W x 13 in
Blossom Spheres “ViennaBloom” My homage to Vienna and the Vienna Workshops movement Born in Vienna, I grew up surrounded by the ubiquitous presence of the Jugendstil/Art Nouveau movement. The Jugendstil epoch is of particular importance to the ceramic art and handcraft, thus it’s no wonder that I should draw inspiration for my artwork from the philosophy of the Vienna Workshops movement of that historical period. The ceramic works of that time mostly impress upon us a light, free and friendly world. The strong colours, playful decorations and love for detail are also an essential part of my artistic creations. The inner exuberance of Viennese Jungendstil ceramic sculptures can be discovered again in my works. The harmonic movements, the powerful curves and the abundance and luxuriance of the sculptures lend to my works their exceptional expression of joy, wellbeing and lightness. The ViennaBloom series is my homage to the Viennese ceramic art of the Jungendstil Vienna Workshops period.
Keywords: beauty, round, blossom, sphere, blue, white, vienna, ceramic, flower, gold, lightness, jugendstil