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  Artist: wade harb
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San Diego artist Wade Harb experiments with oil and plaster on steel, aluminum, copper, wood, and canvas to create contemporary images that have the look and feel of something long lost and discovered at an archeological dig. These works are infused with earthy colors and textures that appear almost fossilized in their intricate folds and details. Wade works with colors that are mute and organic; colors that abound in nature. Viewers are asked to touch the works to get an appreciation of the tactile nature of the surfaces. RUMINATION materials: steel, paper, aluminum, copper, wood, canvas, plaster, pigment. inclination: experimentation with these various materials has created this body of work. casting plaster on a variety of substrates, i create a sculpture of sorts. pigment follows with as many as twenty layers of oil. the outcome is abstract, yet i strive to create images that are organic and antique like, as if recently unearthed from civilizations past. the colors are earthen, the textures fossilized, a sculptural image emerges thick and deep. the composition can be spontaneous and often not intended but improvised; as if it comes from a place absent of reason where only spirits live. i often stare at the product of my work not sure how i was involved. yet i know i am compelled to do this over and over again in all its agony, dissonance, contradiction, and extreme frustration. and, i know the outcome i allow will be a settling of all these elements. to share this with but one who sneaks a glimpse of where i’ve been is truly magical. my work on paper is an exploration of color and form. the images are inspired by landscapes and natural elements. much of my inspiration comes from my world travels and the colors present in these images are reminiscent of the places, people, and cultures i have come to know. Wade’s work is in many private and corporate collections. COLLECTIONS Artes Medical Corporate Offices Clearview Medical Center Marriott Hotels

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