Westward by Paul Stein


Westward by Paul Stein

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Sculpture: Metal and Steel on Stainless Steel and Steel.
Size: 35.4 H x 17.7 W x 11.8 in
This piece is part of my " wandering soul's " series. Vaguly figurative, slightly comical, searching for something, perhaps an identity. A restless undercurrent lurks below the surface.. A slight tilt in an imaginary " westward" direction, may supply the answer. The sculpture is made from lacqured steel, with contrasting gloss and matt surfaces. The floating plate is lighter, made from alluminium, and kinetic. It moves gently wirh moving air currents. The sculpture is editioned and this is 4/16 and is mounted on a crisp white metal base.
Keywords: flowing lines, contemporary, figure, kinetic sculpture, abstract shapes, balance, modern