William Earle

William Earle

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  Artist: William Earle
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Born in an era prior to the current technology and information sharing society we live in, my first memory of a camera was one my Father owned. It was a Canon 35mm gizmo that he used while serving in the Army in Korea. I clearly remember looking at slides he had taken while over seas. While non-functional today I still have it. Next it was a Kodak instamatic and the only rule was, “don’t shoot into the sun”. A rule that I purposely break today. In middle school I remember sealing myself off in a dusty dirty closet attempting to contact print some black and white negatives. The success or failure I don’t remember. What I do remember is the smell of the chemistry and how much I loved it. The cameras and gear were particularly attractive to me. I dreamed of owning a Nikon and a Hasselblad. It took a while but I finally realized both dreams. Today I own both a Nikon and a Hasselblad. I have come to realize that it’s the photographer who makes the picture, not the gear and gizmos.

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