Wind Sculptures – Portugal 2014 Edition of 10 by Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

Wind Sculptures - Portugal 2014 Edition of 10

Wind Sculptures - Portugal 2014 Edition of 10 by Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

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Photography: C-type, Color and Digital on Paper.
Size: 27.6 H x 41.3 W x 0 in
Wind Sculptures is a photographic experience that present unpredictable sculpture created by the wind that only the instant of a high speed camera can sculpt and keep it for ever. A photographas a sculpture and recorder of a performance. The entire project was taken around Europe, Italy, Greece, France, Switzerland, Portugal and UK. The artist is also a subject of this theatrical sculpture where human and nature collaborate in a performance with even changing results. The material used for this wind sculptures is a space weather blanket, a special low-weight and very thin aluminium sheet, gold or silver, developed by NASA in 1964 for the US space program. Is is used for emergency kits as a thermal insulation or as a locator-beacon. Archival C-Print
Keywords: performance, sculpture, sea, silver, sky, space, blue, sunset, wind, aluminium, human, nature