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XYZ - Born in Poland in 1980 he spent his first decade in the calm environment of post-colonial Tunisia, N.Africa. At home he was always surrounded by art and geometry as his father was a professor of Mathematics. On his return to Poland he started learning painting, sculpture and traditional graphics. His interest in differing media remains to this day. His first exhibition was in Wroclaw Art Centre as part of a collective; a year later he has begun exhibiting on his own and with The Art Movement. Architectural study in Poland and France brought his attention to social aspects of the city. In 2005 he moved to Berlin. Meeting a large number of urban artists he started exhibiting as XYZ throughout the city. During this time he was experimenting with graffiti using a geometrical form of calligraphy. Over the last 3 years he has spent his time in Hong Kong working as an architect and artist continuing to cross borders between photography, painting, performance, graphic design and sculpture.

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