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Zedekiah Schild

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  Artist: Zedekiah Schild
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Artist’s Statement: Henri Frédéric Amiel wrote that, “Any landscape is a condition of the spirit.” This immediately suggests to me the notion that, perhaps, the converse is also true. Any condition of the spirit can be reflected as a landscape. These conditional landscapes are the guts of my paintings. My subject matter is simple. It is hewn directly from emotional memory and the things I encounter in my community. The patterns, textures, and rhythms that I pursue grow from my day-to-day work as a carpenter in San Francisco, California and my identity as a working class artist in America. Endeavoring to maintain simplicity of line and unashamed naïveté, I work from a deconstructed process, often absorbing a subject by casually conversing with a friend in the studio while I paint, or, working obliquely from the memories of a place, a gesture or a phrase. My paintings are reflections of my inner landscapes and the city around me; sometimes figurative, sometimes non-representative, the subject’s physicality is manifested as an expression of my instinctual reactions. I seek out animistic imagery to dominate these landscapes, places where impasto brushstrokes become guileless, direct routes to an image. I embrace the clash of the mundane and the extravagant, and try not to apologize for it. I feel like the sublime landscape inhabits an illusive space somewhere in the middle.

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